Research and Analysis

We are independent research entity with traditional values and focus on wide spectrum of clientele.

Our experienced research team has high potential and the capabilities on delivering analysis on sector specific research, macro-economic research and policy framework reports.

Macro Economic Research

The EIA team understand international & domestic economic behavioral changes and our aim is to provide the most accurate forecasts on the economic conditions to help your decision making. The independent economic research provided guides our clients’ in making sound business and investments decisions in order to enhance the overall business profitability while mitigating risk. We analyze economic risk, business risk, operational risk and financial risk .associated with a business based on impact and probability. Our key economic research outputs are Global Financial Market Intelligence and Analysis & periodical economic commentaries.

Market Research

The EIA team study in depth market conditions to examine and understand the potential sales of products and services. We collect data on consumers, competitors and market place in order to consolidate information in to actionable items, reports and the presentations. EIA believe in understanding the business objectives and design surveys to discover prospective and potential customer preferences. We compile & analyze statistical data in order to provide valid and reliable recommendations.

Industry/Sector Analysis:

We provide in-depth industry specific research on demand. We have tied-up with multiple international and domestic research firms for accurate and timely primary data and are equipped with advanced models to generate the most accurate information for your business investment & decision making. Our team focuses on the powerful business tools that provide strategic insights and analyze the industries to take extensive, specific and effective business decisions. The EIA experts conduct seminars and workshops targeted at creating dynamic thinking at Board and Senior Management Level, covering a wide range of current topics and subjects. We are instrumental in creating effective business tools that provide strategic insight and analysis to arrive at better business solutions.

Financial Market Analytics:

We research, interpret, and analyze financial data identifying meaningful business cycle patterns and providing vital formation for business decision making in order to have better visualization thereby giving business leaders a competitive edge.


EIA conducts surveys in different areas in order to provide a platform for the Company to enhance the overall performance and face future challenges.


EIA provide bulletins both on a monthly (Monthly Economic Intelligence Alert) and semiannual (Biznomixs) basis as well as an annual publication. The presented information and data provide business leaders with valuable trends, market dynamics and underlying economic changes in a lucid manner so that such information will allow for effective business decisions.

Case studies

We provide empirical research, strategy guidance and investigate specific business cases of other countries and provide business insight and information on workable outcomes that local firms/company’s could adopt to gain market share.

Political Economic Research:
  • EIA conducts relevant political and economic research for businesses to make effective business decisions.
  • EIA use both qualitative and quantitative data obtained from the business and its competition in order to drive a continual improvement and translates the data to a feasible activity.


Extension services:
  • The extension services contain back office work and middle office functions, the application of risk management and scientific research brining new thinking for businesses that need to focus on their core activity.

We offer International Financial Consulting on Trade, Investments and Development Industries