Financial Advisory Services

Our Financial Advisory team consists of a team of Experts to advise clients to identify the most suitable financial structuring options, raising capital using the best and most cost effective techniques available, advisory on equity & debt funding and leverages.

We believe in strong relationships with leading international & domestic financial institutions. We provide analytical solutions with deeper and more meaningful insights byway of research and data gathered to deliver real time answers.

Our debt financial advisory services focus on;

  • Project finance syndication facilities and debt refinancing facilities.
  • Develop and structure innovative financial products and solutions in order to meet specific client requirements.
  • Assisting and guiding our clients on debt funding activities from domestic & foreign sources on competitive terms.
  • Advising our clients on various aspects of project finance and infra structure development. (from planning to execution).
  • Advisory services to help companies avoid and manage, critical and possible threats to their brands and/or their reputation/corporate image.

Project Feasibility Studies:

  • We as a team of Experts conduct a feasibility studies on projects that include the legal, technical and the economic feasibility with a justifiable facts.

International Financial Consulting:

  • The EIA team conduct international financial consulting in order to support the financial services on trade, investments and the development.

Mergers and Acquisitions:

  • Our team provides the strong platform required make effective strategic decisions on Mergers and Acquisitions to create shareholder wealth and enhance operational performances.

Startup Advisory:

  • We believe in initiating Enterprise in a practical and meaningful manner in order to grow the business.


Project Financing:

  • The EIA team creates a platform for financing long term infrastructure, industrial projects and public services based on the non-recourses or limited recourses financial structure. We advise on the loan structure for the cash repayments, manage the project assets, rights and the interests.


Optimization in Operational Activity Advisory
  • Company operational restructuring.
  • Business risk management & foreign exchange risk management.
  • Tax consultation.
  • The ability to reach the global network of members with extensive industry knowledge and outstanding credentials to enhance operational performances.
  • Provide strategic evaluation to meet dynamic business objectives including financing, litigation, strategic management and compliance.


Economic and Welfare Reform Advisory
  • We identify and remove distortions caused in a business by regulations or market failures.
  • Provide direction to achieve economic efficiency by eliminating or reducing the distortions.
  • Our team advises on economic reform on policies such as tax policies, competition policies etc. in order to achieve the overall economic efficiency.
  • Implement changes in operations in a welfare system.

Interested in specific research, macro-economic research and policy framework reports?