With our expert research backing and experience on financial advisory, we also provide comprehensive strategy for our clients on investing on the best options while maximizing on the utilization of resources in order to achieve the objectives and goals of the client. Understanding our clients risk appetite we assist them on maximizing their investment returns.

We provide investment advisory services on;

  • Debt Markets (government securities, corporate bonds, debentures, commercial papers).
  • Equity Markets (International & local listed equities, private equity investment options).
  • Foreign Exchange Investments
  • Commodity Markets (Investment and Industrial Metals, Grains, and Crude Oil)

We provide in-depth analysis and guidance to our clients on stock trading, debt securities and commodities. We also undertake cash management, investment surplus cash in assets based on risk appetite.

Financial Markets Advisory:
  • Assisting clients to raise equity funding via initial public listing in the stock market, private equity funding, and also consider convertible instruments.
  • Providing strategic advice on business mergers and acquisitions, divestures, restructuring, company valuations etc.
  • Advise corporate buyers and private equity investors throughout the merger & acquisition, investment appraisals, and asset valuations in order to enhance shareholder wealth and the operational performances.
External Financing:
  • External financing defines the process of raising funds that firms/companies requires, be it from banks, mutual funds or private financers. We advise the firm/company on the most effective method of raising funds in keeping with their individual balance sheet capital mix and requirements.
Tax Planning:
  • EIA provides an in depth analysis of the financial situations and design the tax perspectives in order to ensure the tax efficiency.
Venture Capital:
  • Venture Capital is defined as a type of funding for a new or growing business. EIA specialize in building high risk financial portfolios and provide guidelines to the firm/company to proceed empowering local businesses to globalize.